Corallo Nero


The Corallo Nero Restaurant constitutes the epitome of aesthetic and savors elegance. Small and cozy yet meticulously designed in all detail, Corallo Nero dominates the Coral  Hotel’s lobby and has managed all these years to stand out, not just as one of the Hotel’s recreation halls, but as one of the most beloved restaurants of Paleo Phalero, by blending sophisticated and extremely delicate  tastes with impeccable service, enveloped in a wonderful environment, ideal for any hour of the day.
The restaurant’s Bar is most popular among coffee lovers during the day, as well as friends that enjoy their favorite drink, accompanied by delicious hors d'oeuvre and small meals. Those who prefer a romantic dinner usually choose the Hotel’s atrium – an idyllic haven after an evening ramble across the Phlisvos Bay.
Taste, scents, views, touch – indeed all our senses dive into an array of stimuli. The only thing left is a sound attire of similar quality: Dimitris Papathanasiou, via Dp Music, with his unrivalled experience, has undertaken this demanding yet fascinating role.


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