The Company

Outset and Goal
DP MUSIC launched its journey in the spring of 2006, with a vision of forming a fully updated and unprecedented level of Music Supervision and Sound & Light Event Management services.

The Company was incorporated by people with years of music supervision experience in luxurious clubs, renowned for their excellent aesthetics and professionalism - an amalgam of deep know-how and genuine pursuit of something new, pioneering and innovative.

The established reputation of the Company's executives immediately bestowed its excellent collaborations that quickly set off its potential and brilliant prospects. DP MUSIC’s already achieved eminence in the field of Music Supervision and Management is, of course, no accident.
The Company
DP MUSIC has proudly signed off  numerous totally successful Social and Corporal Events, each with its own unique character, special goals and demands. Their faceted mounting is always performed upon our comprehensive understanding for the client's needs and wants.

Our presence in several socialite and high profile parties in Greece and abroad (London, Istanbul) and participation in a great number of professional and corporal events clearly manifests the quality of our services.

Why us
DP Music excels in Music Supervision Services for certain reasons. First of all, its profound music lore, unrivalled experience, constant updates about each and every fresh artistic, aesthetic or technical trend in the field of Music Supervision. Second, our commitment to detail.  Third, our renowned, meaningful and fertile communication with our clients, whose needs and wants consist the sole guide and foundation of our work, constantly focused on their directives and suggestions. Finally, our full technical support.

Still, the key factor that has elevated the Company to prominence is our ardent desire to achieve more than our clients' hoped for, to steadily extent our horizons.

The heartfelt thanks and expressions of complete satisfaction from our clients are considered the best possible promotion for both the Company and me personally.

Dimitris Papathanasiou

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