Light Direction & Audio Coverage

Light and Sound are indeed two of the most important aspects in every type of social or corporate event, whose quality often determines the event's overall success. A faceless and grey assembly can be instantly transformed into a dynamic, sensational audiovisual spectacle, ever etched in your guest's memory.
However, successful light direction and efficient sound coverage require skilled know-how as well as specialization and advanced technological equipment.

DP MUSIC – Highly Artistic Light & Audio Direction

DP MUSIC, featuring unparalleled experience and associates with prime, profound knowledge of their subject, offers you the opportunity to turn your event into a rather unique, unforgettable experience, full of sound and colour, enhancing the overall aesthetic impact of the site and lending it a stunning, dazzling style.
Taking full advantage of a wide range of stage and functional lighting features, such as Deco Lighting, Up lighting, Moving Heads, Custom Gobos, Led Techniques, Lasers, Smoke & Haze Machines, and of state-of-the-art sound equipment, we create unique optical effects and a sense of sophisticated, imposing luxury that will undoubtedly fascinate your guests.

The Goal

Our goal is to offer services capable of not just satisfying, but exceeding your needs and highlighting all these elements that will secure your event a settled place among the most memorable experiences in your guest's hearts and minds.
Keeping up with global trends and novelties in the light direction and sound coverage, we constantly renew our proposals and guarantee highly artistic results, fully satisfying your needs and wants.

Dimitris Papathanasiou

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